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Therabotic Ultrasonic Shovel

Therabotic Ultrasonic Shovel

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Product Information

Therabotic Ultrasonic Shovel is an ultrasound* cleaning and beauty instrument that uses nanotechnology, molecular 24000 times per second jolt of intense friction.  The vibration is felt deep into the skin to intensify friction between molecules, accelerate microcirculation, promote metabolism back flow. The vibration also targets fatty acid and H20 fatty CO2, breaking them into delicate volume. Deep massage through high-frequency vibration can improve microcirculation during fat movement, and make fat cells burn and dissolute to achieve a clean effect.

The aim is to effectively reduce the fat particles and facial  blemishes so that the nutrients of your facial products (face wash/cleanser/lotion/moisturiser) can be better absorbed into the skin, producing its money-worth results. 

Purpose and Features

  • Deep cleansing of facial blemishes
  • Pigment decomposition and desalination spot
  • Deep rhytidectomy (face lift) and enhance skin elasticity
  • Promoting blood circulation
  • Enhance the regenerative ability and permeability of skin cells
  • Skin massage and moisturising
  • No damage and side effects on skin
  • Elegant appearance, easy to use, operate and carry

Product Parameters

  • Power Supply: AC100V-240V 50HZ/60HZ
  • Output Voltage: 5V/600mA
  • Charging Mode: Rechargeable (lithium battery)
  • Net Weight: About 99g
  • Power: 2W
  • Device Size: 173 x 55 x 15.5mm


* Ultrasound is a high frequency mechanical vibration wave, which is widely used in medical and cosmetic fields. The wave has a mechanical, warm and catalysis function. It can produce gentle resonance effect on skin at low energy and high frequency vibration, enhance cell viability and permeability of all cortical tissues, dredge sweat glands and shrink pores.

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